Measures to slow the spread of Covid19 have impacted enormously on the arts: theatres, museums and galleries are closed, workshops and training classes stopped, festivals postponed or cancelled. Magdalenas around the world are feeling the impact financially and creatively, and like many others are turning to the internet to maintain at least virtual connections. Welcome to my world!

Ya-Ling Peng reports on an intercultural exchange between Taiwan and Latin American countries during 2019, and the response of rural villagers to sharing their traditional songs with artists from Argentina, Colomia, Ecuador and France.

Lyn Cunningham recuerda a Mette Jensen. 

Valentina (Wale) Tibaldi recuerda a Mette Jensen, escribiendo: "Francesca me presentó a Mette como una de las mejores personas de Holstebro y ayudante en la OTA (Los archivos del Odin Teatret), que en ese momento se llamaba CTLS (Centro de Estudios de Teatro Laboratorio). Mette siguió llamando a OTA por su antiguo nombre y aunque intenté explicarle muchas veces en qué consistía la diferencia, ella me escuchó, asintió y al final dijo "sí, CTLS" mientras parecía sonreír"


Teatret OM recuerda a Mette Jensen como "nuestro ángel guardián, una persona única con un gran corazón y una generosidad abrumadora" que apoyó al grupo desde que llegamos por primera vez a Dinamarca en 1992. 

Cuando llegué a Holstebro por primera vez, Mette era la mujer encantadora que me esperaba y que me transportó al Odin Teatret. Supe de inmediato que era un alma especial, cálida y alegre. El amor se derramó de inmediato y una mujer única se mudó a mi corazón.

Valentina (Wale) Tibaldi remembers Mette Jensen by writing, "She was introduced to me by Francesca as one of the best people in Holstebro and helper at OTA (Odin Teatret Archives), called at the time CTLS (Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies). Mette kept calling OTA by its old name even when I tried to explain to her so many times what the difference was about: she kept listening, nodding and in the end she said "yes, CTLS" while seemingly smiling."


Lyn Cunningham remembers Mette Jensen, writing, "In your deck of cards, there are two Jokers. Often these are seen as being identical, but you taught me that if you look closer that one Joker card is slightly different and more embellished than the other, and is the most magical card. I jokingly called this card ‘the Mette’, and we laughed when it magically appeared, usually in your hands!"

When I first came to Holstebro, Mette was the lovely woman who waited for me and transported me to the Odin Theater. I knew immediately that she was a special, warm and joyful soul. Love immediately poured out, and a unique woman moved into my heart.

El siguiente texto fue presentado por Julia Varley en la celebración de vida de nuestra querida amiga, Mette Jensen, el 2 de marzo en Holstebro, Dinamarca.


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