Bianca Mastrominico shares her experience of participating in Bodies:On:Live, the first online Magdalena festival.

Premiere of Frau Mit Automat in Poland!
The Kryly Khalopa theatre was repressed and closed in Belarus by the authorities, but we continue to work. The team worked on the performance in theater residences in Prague and Dresden, some of the project participants were forced to leave Belarus. Despite all the difficulties, our premiere will take place on September 25 in Wegaity theatre village (Olsztyn) and October 5 in Lublin (Poland)!

Bianca Mastrominico reflexiona sobre el primer Festival Magdalena online, Bodies: On: Live.

Bianca Mastrominico reflete sobre o primeiro Festival Magdalena online, Bodies:On:Live.

Bianca Mastrominico reflects on the first online Magdalena Festival, Bodies:On:Live.

Shelly Quick writes about her experience of participating in Annie Abraham's performance Angry Women at the Bodies:On:Live festival.

Algunas palabras de agradecimiento por el cierre de nuestro primeiro Bodies:on:Live, por Janaina Matter.

Algumas palavras de apreciação e gratidão para o fechamento do nosso primeiro Bodies:on:Live, por Janaina Matter.

A few words of appreciation and gratitude for the closure of our first Bodies:on:Live, by Janaina Matter.

Perdemos uma grande mulher... de humor, de amor, de conhecimento únicos!


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