Brigitte Cirla se remémore son parcours dans Magdalena Project depuis ses débuts en 1986. Cet article a été écrit en 2022 et publié dans la revue "Women Performing Europe - The Magdalena Project Across Borders".

Brigitte Cirla reflects on her journey with the Magdalena Project from its beginnings in 1986. This article is published in the "Women Performing Europe - The Magdalena Project Across Borders" handbook.

Jana Korb introduces her new space, CircusMühle Kelbra, and invites us all to visit!

I'm not very good at letting go. My natural instinct is to hoard, to hold on to objects that hold memories and to keep odd or broken things in case one day they might be useful. But this last year has been all about letting go and, slowly, I am getting better at it.

At Vinderup, in the old Stendis camp, another Transit has taken place: Poetry in Space; Theatre, women, composition. Geddy Aniksdal reports.

You are all expected in Montpellier, with a joyful passion.

On vous attend à Montpellier, avec joie, avec rage.

Ya-Ling Peng and I first collaborated in 2017 when I recited part of a poem that Ya-Ling was presenting at the Magdalena International Women in Performance festival in Argentina. In 2021, Ya-Ling wrote and recited a poem as part of my online performance ‘Be Like Body–Obsolete #4’, presented in 4 international festivals. SEE PHOTOS HERE

As May envelops us and spring erupts, memories of personal transformative events flood my consciousness.

May is the anniversary of my mother’s death.
May is the month of my first visit to the Odin and an unexpected encounter with the Magdalena Project.

In a period like the one we are living in, permeated by the absurd experience of Covid, this worldwide political wave that does not protect anything that is essential, such as nature that surrounds us, how can I be present and still believe in a future? I asked myself this about three years ago, both as a person and as an artist, and I also came to the point where I asked myself why I make theatre.


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