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Parvathy Baul writes: "At Sanatan Siddhashram, every year in the month of Magh (January), the annual celebration of offering to the Gurus is celebrated through Annadan. Annadan is offering the sacred prasad to the divine in the human form, where thousands of people are fed. This year, because of Covid, we took a different way to conduct the Annadan whithout gathering thousands. This short documentary of 15 minutes is about the possibilities within the tradition - how it celebrates through all situations or times."

Gilder-Coigney Award


international feminist network

Interested in exchanging or collaborating with women* in an international feminist network based in Europe?

Multidisciplinar online/live perfomance

We are happy to announce the first collaboration between Casa Womb Mexico and La Pacha Apapacha!


Congratulations to Jo Randerson, who has been named an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to the performing arts.

When was your first online performance?


In 2020, many people encountered online performance for the first time.

We asked some of our peers “When was your first online performance?”

“Before the first” is a brief glimpse of the diversity of online performance created before 2020.

Compiled by Annie Abrahams, Helen Varley Jamieson and Suzon Fuks. Edited by Suzon Fuks.

What impact has the Magdalena Project had on your life? Contribute to Amaranta Osorio's research via an online questionnaire.

KX Space recognised

In 2020, the KX Space in Belarus was almost the only exhibition space that was not afraid to work with the topic of the country's political protests.

Announcing the establishment of the Barba Varley Foundation, to support fields of action animated by people who are disadvantaged by gender, ethnicity, geography, age, way of thinking and acting inside and outside theatre.