New website sponsorship from Koumbit!

We are excited to announce that we have been offered sponsored website hosting and discounted web development by Koumbit, a Canadian non-profit organisation and open source web development and hosting company.

Once we have migrated our existing website to their servers, we will start a complete rebuild of the site - which is sorely needed, as the current website was launched at our 25th anniversary, back in 2011. Our treasurer, Meg Brookes, is working on funding applications for the rebuild, which will be led by Gabriela Thomas at Koumbit, who we met at the Internationales Frauen Theater Festival in Frankfurt last year. Koumbit will give a 10% discount on their normal rates for the rebuild, which along with the free hosting is a wonderful support.

A note from Meg:

Hi Everyone, 

Thank you so much to anyone who has already signed up for either monthly or annual donations!

We are so excited to finally be able to start moving forward with plans to update and develop the website for our amazing network with the help of Gabi & Koumbit. However the work has only just begun to find the money to cover the costs which, even with the generous support of Koumbit, will be substantial. Every single new donation, whether a monthly, annual or one-off, helps so much and is hugely appreciated. I would also welcome any recommendations of funders or private donors that we could apply to that might be willing to support work of this kind for such an international organisation.

Thank you so much again.


Donations can be made via credit card or PayPal from this link. If you have any difficulties or would like to donate in another way, please contact Meg at All funds will go towards the redevelopment of this website.