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KX Space recognised

In 2020, the KX Space in Belarus was almost the only exhibition space that was not afraid to work with the topic of the country's political protests.

Announcing the establishment of the Barba Varley Foundation, to support fields of action animated by people who are disadvantaged by gender, ethnicity, geography, age, way of thinking and acting inside and outside theatre.

open letter from Claudia Contin

An offended woman is like a petal on the ground.
A humiliated woman is like a fresh rose crushed in the mud.
A violated woman is like a burnt forest.
A woman killed is like the desertification of our future.
Let's stop this germination of violence from the beginning.

Stella Chiweshe creates a mbira music centre in Zimbabwe

It is my dream to give something back to my home country by building a place to preserve traditional music and Shona culture”, says Stella Chiweshe, and now she is raising the funds to realise her dream.

news from Helen Chadwick

Workshops, online collaborations, solo recordings from home and a new website in the making - Helen Chadwick reports on her latest activities.

DAH Theater announces the first Arts and Human Rights Festival in Serbia, to be held online and in Belgrade, 23-28 October 2020.

call for applications

Call for queer women(+) dance artists

Theater Kryly Khplopa made an appeal in social networks in connection with the situation in Belarus

Today we go out on the squares and streets to say that it’s enough! We want to live and make art in a free country without censorship. We demand to stop repressions and violence! We demand to free prisoners of conscience! We demand to punish people who’re managing the beating of peaceful civilians on the streets! We demand new free elections! We are waiting for the changes!

During the last months, the charitable trust of the Magdalena Project has been wound up (see this post for the reasons for this). As part of this process, we were required to close the bank account and Paypal account connected to the charitable trust. We have opened new accounts, which are now ready to receive donations.