Live streaming to and from the festival.

The Magdalena Project is a global network, so at any one festival there are always many more people who can't be there than who can. MagNet is about to change this, using the internet to take the festival out to the network and bringing the network in to the festival:

  • MagLive: live streaming of selected festival events, including the opening and discussions (see the programme for details of what's being streamed)
  • MagAzine: performative presentations from remote participants, streaming in to the festival; Wednesday 17 August, 12-1pm UK time (find your local time here)


12.00: Welcome from Cardiff
12.05: "The need to go forward making links" - Margarita Borja (author, theater director and founder of the Encuentros de mujeres de Iberoamérica en las artes escénicas en el FIT de Cádiz, Spain)
12.15: Magdalena Singapore
12.25: Magdalena Australia, Brisbane
12.35: Ruby Brunton (NZ/Australia)
12.45: Chelsie Preston Crayford (NZ/Australia)
12.55: Bond Street Theatre (USA)

The new web site will be launched at the festival, and the MagNet space will be available for participants (at the festival and online) to have hands-on sessions to learn how to contribute blogs, news, events, profiles and more. 

It's going to be MagNificent!