Confirmed contributors to date:

Jill Greenhalgh (Wales) The Threat Of Silence
Helen Chadwick (England) Dream Through Your Singing Mouth
Voix Polyphonics (France)  Black Sea Songs
Deborah Hunt (Puerto Rico/NZ)The Package
Dawn Albinger (Australia) No Door on Her Mouth
Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ) & Paula Crutchlow (UK) make-shift
Jolanta Krukowska (Poland)
Fern Smith (Wales) This Imaginary Woman Revisited
Teatro*lila (Italy) Secret Girl: The Seven Kimgs, Studio nr. 2
Annet Hennerman (Italy/Holland)  Don't Forget Us ...

Deborah Hunt (Puerto Rico)
Brigitte Cirla (France)
Gabriella Sacco (Italy)
Eddie Ladd (Wales)
Anna Zubrzycka (USA/Poland)
Ana Woolf (Argentina)
Vanessa Gilbert (USA)
Anne-Sophie Erichson (Norway)
Kjersti Høgli (Norway)

Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic (Serbia)
Maria Porter (USA)
Roxana Pineda (Cuba)

Works in Progress Showings
Cristina Castrillo (Argentina/Switzerland) If Silence Knew
Bruna Gusberti (Switzerland) Blossom
Roxana Pineda (Cuba) Hojas de Papel Volando (Leaves of Paper, Flying)
Gilly Adams (Wales) & Maria Porter (USA) Reconstructing Desire
Julia Varley (Denmark) Ave Maria
Carolina Pizarro (Chile) Tierra del Fuego
Teatro*lila (Italy) The seven kimgs studio #2: Secret Girl

Work Demonstrations
Ana Correa (Peru) Confessions

Teresa Ralli (Peru) Dismantling Antigone
Ana Woolf (Argentina) Behind the Curtains
Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic (Serbia) Stories of Blood and Bread

Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/Germany)
Valentina Tibaldi (Italy)

Special Events
Geddy Aniksdal, Annet Röde, Vibeke Lie, Kjersti Høgli & Anne-Sophie Erichsen (Norway) The Garden of Epicurus TBC
Gilla Cremer (Germany) - a guided meditation on 25 years of the Magdalena Project

Ya Ling Peng (Taiwan)
Brigitte Kaquet (Belgium)
Kordula Lobeck (Germany)

Pilar Restrepo (Colombia)
Susan Bassnett (England)
Luciana Bazzo (Brasil/Denmark)
Jale Karabekir (Turkey)
Marisa Naspolini (Brazil)
Annamaria Talone (Italy)
Luciana Martuchelli (Brasil)
Selene D’Agostino (Italy)
Grethe Knudsen and Katarina Barbosa Blad (Norway)

Madeline McNamara (Aotearoa/New Zealand)
And other participating artists

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Participants showings
Networking opportunities
Consultancy sessions
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