Split Britches "Retro(per)spective"

31 May 2018 to 8 June 2018
Battersea Arts London, Warehouse 9 Copenhagen

Split Britches, Deb Margolin, Holly Hughes, and Stacy Makishi at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen and London

Retro(per)spective is coming to
Battersea Arts Centre, London
AND Warehouse 9, Copenhagen!
Retro(per)spective is a Split Britches greatest hits album for those who remember the 1980's and a Split Britches primer for those who may have missed it. A medley of 30 years of Split Britches' performances that made the politics of gender and sexuality and the humour of human relations accessible to all ages and persuasions.
Performed by Peggy Shaw and Lois Weaver, Retro(per)spective provides a humorous slant on love, life, work and play and features excerpts from old favourites such as Upwardly Mobile Home, Belle Reprieve, Lesbians Who Kill, Dress Suits to Hire and Anniversary Waltz as well as material from their newer shows, Lost Lounge and Miss America.
Written and Performed by Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw. Including work created in collaboration with Deb Margolin, Holly Hughes, Stacy Makishi, Vivian Stoll, Stormy Brandenberger and Bette Bourne and Paul Shaw of Bloolips.
Retro(per)spective at Battersea Arts Centre, London
"Chemistry and comic timing honed over decades is evident – they work beautifully together, effortlessly riffing off one another, two halves of a seamless whole." - Exeunt Magazine
"As difficult as it must be to look back and see you have travelled most of your road, these two find humour, art and pathos in creating the next moment of their story together. In this way the work is deeper than a simple nostalgia or ‘medley of extracts’. It’s a stratification of various stages of their creative evolution." - DRAFF Magazine
Retro(per)spective at Warehouse 9, osborn&møller, Copenhagen
June 7th & 8th
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