Here you can access documentation about the main events and activities of the Magdalena Project, from the birth of the idea in 1983 through to the present day.

Over more than 35 years, the Magdalena Project has presented and supported performances and promoted tours by individual international artists and groups, and facilitated collaborations and exchanges between the members of the network.

You can access documentation about the work of the Magdalena Project in the following ways:

  • Use the links to the left to browse the chronology; where online documentation of events exists, you will find links to this material, either on this site or on external sites.
  • A documentary film, "Magdalena", by Jill Greenhalgh and Sarah Penrhyn Jones (2013) can be viewed here.
  • An extensive archive of physical material is housed at the National Library of Wales; anyone who are interested in accessing this material can browse the Library's online catalogue and contact the Library to arrange a visit.
  • Information about the Transit Festivals, organised by Julia Varley at Odin Teatret, is available from the Transit page or from the chronological archive (if you know the year of the festival you are looking for).
  • Books and other publications about the Magdalena Project, and by members of the network, can be found in the Bibliography on this website.
  • Download a chronological list of Magdalena Project activities during the first 26 years, 1983-2012 (PDF, 90KB)

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