Maja Mitić in London
21 January 2022
George Wood Theatre

Words and invitation from director of the performance Anna Furse:
This is a devised work inspired by Ibsen’s Lady From the Sea, co-created with Maja Mitic, a distinguished theatre artist from Belgrade. The performance was created in 2011. We revived it just before Covid struck in 2020, so its planned tour to Europe and China was cancelled. However, the performance toured to Eastern Europe more recently in 2021, gaining critical acclaim at the 28th Sibiu International Theater Festival, Romania, 2021.
“Maja Mitic develops in a personal manner, together with director Anna Furse, the inception and unfolding of a show, the actor's condition, the challenges of “translating” the text, and the demands of the actor who has to navigate between two languages, to translate and decode both word and context and feelings…. Ellida becomes visible, the clear-obscure technique,the ebb and flow movement, the dance and physical theater merge in and compose the "woman of the sea" as body and sensory experience…”
Daniela Firescu ‘The City Is Breathing Theatre’: Sibiu International Theatre Festival
Ramuri Magazine, no.10, 2021
“we are witnessing the process of dissolution of theatrical mechanisms, the illusion of truth – which is an appropriate form for expressing Ibsen's dissolution of life and marital illusions”
Ana Tasić, POLITIKA, 7th of September, 2021

Sea/Woman, Maja MiticSea/Woman, Maja Mitic

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