January newsletter intro from Jill

hi dear translators,

do you have time to translate Jill's new year message, which will go out in the january newsletter and as a blog post on the website?

the post is at https://themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/passing-through-portals

please tranlsate also the title, and the summary sentence that appears on the blogs page (https://themagdalenaproject.org/en/blogs): "Jill Greenhalgh ponders that, as we emerge from the pandemic into the new year, we are perhaps new people inhabiting new landscapes, having passed through the ‘portal’ as Arundhati Roy suggested."

if you are translating directly on the website (please do! log in, then you should find the "translate" button at the top of jill's post), you can also find the summary text by clicking on "(Edit Summary)" at the top of the Body field in the edit interface.

please remember to WRITE A COMMENT BELOW if you are translating the post, so that we don't have two people making the same translation at the same time.

gracias, obrigada, merci! and happy new year :)