The Sea Changes Into Words

vitual exhibition by Bettina Fung
20 May 2021 to 20 June 2021
Online / Aspex Portsmouth
Bettina Fung, who will give an artist talk at Bodies:On:Live, invites you to visit her virtual exhibtion.

The Sea Changes Into Words is a durational online performance and text-based game created by artist Bettina Fung for Aspex’s 40th anniversary programme of digital commissions, Aspex (life begins) at 40.

Bettina writes, "This work continues with the exploration in live art over the internet and I will be including it in the talk. There will also be live events happening within the work in June and I’d like to also invite you to them. More information on the live events are here:"

Bettina Fung 馮允珊 is a Hong Kong born, British-Chinese artist based in London. In The Sea Changes Into Words Fung broaches ongoing topics of interest including legacy, futility and progress. Players of the game are invited to be active participants in the development of the artwork, contributing their own ideas and dreams of the future, and joining events in the digital realm to meet other people and discuss these subjects in more depth (please see What’s On for further information about the events).

Bettina Fung at Bodies:On:Live

Image below: Bettina Fung, "Technicolour"; Photo AndreLLMedia.

Bettina Fung,_"Technicolour";_Photo_AndreLLMedia

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