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launches new and dynamic website

n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal has a new and dynamic website!

Feminism is one of the most important international movements in contemporary art. Explore a new and truly international view of feminism and contemporary art online at www.ktpress.co.uk!

For 14 years, n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal has published in-depth, scholarly articles and interviews with contemporary women artists from around the world, exploring definitions of feminism in relation to the visual arts, feminist theory and politics. n.paradoxa has published over 400 articles in print from women artists, critics, curators, art historians and independent writers in more than 50 countries (ISSN 1461-0434, 1998-present) and will continue to publish more….

The new website makes it possible to search n.paradoxa's archive of 400+ articles from the last 14 years: by author, by country and by title. This new website also releases the print version of the journal as PDFs, making them available in electronic form for the first time !!!

Expand your view of feminist art and start to consider how it moves beyond the national!

Use this website as a portal to find out more:

n.paradoxa' s unique information pages list over 1,000 references for feminist art:

  • Books on feminist art since 1971…
  • Exhibitions about feminist art from around the world
  • A history of women's art magazines and special issues
  • Statistics on discrimination in the art world
  • Timelines of feminist art New search facilities enable searching by country, by date and by author and title.

Read our new case files of discrimination against women in the arts today in 'RIP OFF.2'!

Also available from this website are the 1,000+ pages from n.paradoxa's former online journal (ISSN 1462-0426, 1996-2010). The online version of the journal contained different content from the print and had a separate ISSN and identity. The online journal will be succeeded by a new series of e-books to be launched in 2012.

From this website, take out an electronic subscription (£15 a year. Introductory offer includes access to volumes 27, 28 and 29 or buy electronic access to volumes 1-30 for £90 a year).

Subscribe to n.paradoxa journal in print (£18 a year posted to UK/Europe; £25 posted to USA/Canada/RoW).

Purchase individual articles of interest or buy individual volumes in print. Prices quoted are for individuals. A further rate for print and electronic is available online. Different rates apply for libraries and institutions.

n.paradoxa's forthcoming volumes in print and PDF are:

  • Trans-Asia (volume 29) Jan 2012
  • Feminist Aesthetics (volume 30) July 2012

From 2012, n.paradoxa will be publishing its journal in print and PDF form simultaneously.

This development has been made possible by the support of the Flo Art Foundation.

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