Aerial Fire Fusion
7 August 2021
Via Teatro Festival Troisdorf, Kölner Straße 167, 53840 Troisdorf
Fire arts meet aerials – creating a new genre between contemporary circus and physical theater!

"In the past, people who had to separate would look for a star where their gaze might meet in the evening.
At least they cannot divide the sky. The sky? This enourmous vault of hope and yearning, love and sorrow?
The sky is what divides first of all."

Christa Wolf

Illuminair - Aerial Fire Fusion is Jana Korb's longterm research between fire theater, aerial art, and dance. With different artists she creates touring and site-specific performances: searching the connection between art and nature, art in nature, nature in art.

At the moment we are working with re-iterations and repetitions of action – action divided and put together in different ways, actions leading to new forms and expressions through repetition. Fiery swirls with long ropes create patterns making the artists disappear to  re-appear in new structures.

We explore confined space in all its radicality thus creating space for movement: on minimal platforms we perform with fire, hanging on silks in between. We play with encounters and relations.

Silks, Aerilks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial DanceWe explore the connections between a spinning body on the aerial hoop and dancing stilt walkers: hanging in counterweight every step on the stilts affects the swirls of the hoop, every beat on the hoop makes the stilt walkers stagger. Back and forth, up and down, every little movement has an effect within the mesh of relationships.

We chose a visual research approach with the aerial silks. White flags, ripped sheets, specters like faded memories. Not just to dance with – just fragile objects...

Burning Branches, Fans, Ropes

Manipulation of burning objects, creating grafic patterns below a black night sky. Dynamic circles, spirals, fiery waterfalls. Installed and performed with high in the air and around the aerial rig.

Fire Eating in the Aerial Hoop, Burning Roes with Silks, Stilts

When fire and aerial art touch, a fascinating new form of performance emerges: With fire manipulation and dance "mosaique" show the different faces of the fire. They illuminate the moment meeting the swirling aerial dancer on the hoop and silks, high in the air.


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