The Dancing Trees - Webinar

Art, Activism and Climate Changes
30 November 2021 to 2 December 2021
Free three-day webinar "Create your own Action"


The Dancing Trees project aims to look for answers about what performing artists and citizens can do in response to one of the biggest crises we are facing today, the crisis of a healthy environment survival, whose direct result is the global climate change and one of the main causes of it – deforestation. 

The webinar is aimed at providing support, instruments and guidance in the articulation of civic initiatives. This webinar is also our response to the great need of citizens to be active but do not know how. From the conceptual beginning of the project, from research to meeting people and reactions after the show, it only confirms the importance of this topic for the people, who are worried, puzzled or irritated and – mostly willing to do something!

During the webinar, participants will learn some techniques that you can use in creating your action, as well as get acquainted with examples of good practices and the principles of using creative techniques in civic initiatives. You will also receive concrete advices on how to realize your idea. APPLY NOW!

Dijana Milošević, DAH Theatre Director and Co-founder, and Ivana Milenović Popović, DAH Theatre Actress will lead these online trainings, open to all citizens. The aim is to present the creative possibilities of art in articulating the needs of citizens to engage in civic action, empowering participants to creatively express their dissatisfaction and articulate their protest and ideas.

DAH Theater Webinar

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