Bond Street Theatre: 2011 Highlights

           BOND STREET                THEATRE
      wishes you PEACE      "For me, theatre is like a guiding light:
    it will  shine good results on our society." 
               --- Maryam, young Afghan actress 

Thank you for helping our mission of peace through theatre! 
We wish you warmth and light this Holiday  
                         Peace in the New Year
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     With love and good cheer from Joanna, Michael, Olivia, Ilanna, Anna, Josh,
      Christina, Sean, Bruce, Sima, Joe, Marshall and the whole Bond Street family
HIGHLIGHTS from 2011...
White Star women's show
White Star Theatre performing their play on women's rights in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN:  This year we worked with theatre groups in Herat and Kabul, creating performances that address peace and human rights, and formed the first professional all-women's theatre company in Kabul in 50 years. Next, we will work with groups in Jalalabad, Kandahar and Bamyan, again creating all-female acting troupes to reach women in isolated areas. We are also initiating a program for women in prisons to give them hope and a voice through theatre.  


"The most important thing is that we could just make them laugh and happy while giving them a message,"  Sakina said after the show at the Herat Women's Prison.


Anna, Josh and Christina entertain kids in refugee camps in Haiti

HAITI:  We spent three busy weeks in Haiti performing for children  

in the tent camps that remain two years after the earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti, and worked with FAVILEK, an organization of women who have been victims of violence.  The two companies will meet again this February to create a new show about the earthquake and its aftermath to tour Haiti and USA. 


"Why do you do theatre?" Anna asked Bazelais, the leader of

FAVILEK. She responded, "To have an outlet for our feelings about

what we have endured." 


MYANMAR (Burma):  The ensemble leaves for Myanmar in a few weeks to collaborate with Thukhuma Khayethe (Arts Travelers) on a new show about current social issues.  Burma is at a turning point with hopeful signs of democracy appearing amid incidents of brutality and repression.  Arts Travelers is a leader in the social arts movement.


"Let's show real life in Burma now, but with advice for the future to inspire future leaders," Director Thila Min suggests. 


NEW YORK:  With Le Velo Rouge, our new monster trike, we are taking tales of our adventures to the streets.  Le Velo Rouge made its debut on the streets of New York this year, and will be the stage for our  new show about our international travels in parks next summer.

Le Velo Rough
Michael riding Le Velo Rouge


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NAMUR: Our inimitable Shinbone Alley Stilt Band brought its jazz to the famed Festival of Stiltwalkers of Namur, Belgium for its 600th Anniversary.  We are the first US company to attend the festival in which two teams battle each other to the ground.  We remained erect.


See the teams battle for the Golden Stilt here. 


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Bond Street Theatre, founded in 1976, draws on the musical and physical performance styles from many cultures to create original theatre works that cross borders, & brings artistic-humanitarian aid to areas in need worldwide.  Recipient of a MacArthur Award, the company has received support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, Theatre Communications Group, Andrew Mellon Foundation, Ford Foundation, CEC ArtsLink, Association of Performing Arts Presenters, JPMorgan Chase, American-Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, National Endowment for the Arts,  NYSCA, DCA, Asian Cultural Council, the US Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs, the US Embassies, the US Institute of Peace, and from many generous individuals.  We couldn't do it without you!