Seeds Of Memory - Semillas De Memoria

6 November 2020
Cusco, Perú and Online


Seeds of Memory | Semillas De Memoria

Presented as part of Warmikuna Raymi 2020 Festival

Performed in English with Spanish subtitles throughout.

Date: 06/11/2020 20:30pm Peru Time

       07/11/2020 1:30am UK Time

Live on Facebook:


The performance, is about absence: the absence of a father, the absenceof a body to bury

and the absence of 30.000 missing people in Argentina, during the last military dictatorship.

But absence generates its opposite: resistance, presence and identity. Absence, is the starting point to build

a performance that contains both, a personal message and political discourse.


Direction/Dramaturgy |  Dirección/ Dramaturgia: Julia Varley

Actress/Text | Actriz/Texto: Ana Woolf

Filming/Editing | Filmación / Edición: Linda Lyn Cunningham


Espectáculo declarado de “Interés Cultural” y apoyado por | This performance is declared of "Cultural Interest" and supported by:

Amnesty International; Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia de la Nación; Dirección General de Asuntos Culturales de la Cancillería de la República Argentina; Nordisk Teaaterlaboratorium (Dinamarca); Magdalena 2a Generación (Red Latinoamericana de Mujeres en el Arte), Argentina; Transit Festival, Denmark; The Magdalena Project.


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