Arquivo 1990-95

Magdalena Project events and activities from 1990 to 1995



  • Magdalena '94, Cardiff, Wales, September


  • Jill Greenhalgh's travel to South America - Winston Churchill Fellowship Report
  • Raw Visions, Cardiff, Wales, July
  • Women of Latin America, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, January-March


  • Transit I, Holstebro, Denmark, 1-5 November
  • Canu o Brofiad (Voices of Experience), Aberystwyth, Wales, July


  • V-Lines, Cardiff, Wales, October
  • Woman - the Comic Soul, Aarhus, Denmark, June
  • Festival Voix de Femmes (Festival of Women's Voices), Liege, Belgium, April
  • Unter Wasser Fliegen (Flying Under Water), Wuppertal, Germany, January


  • Midnight Level 6, Tours UK, Denmark, Germany, November
  • Love and the Longing to Survive, Cardiff, Wales, November
  • Eye to Eye, South Wales, October
  • Songs Through Silence, Aradeo, Italy, July
  • International Advisory Group, various locations in Europe
  • A Step Outside, Bristol, England, March
  • The Magdalena Grapevine