Annadan in pandemic conditions

Parvathy Baul writes: "At Sanatan Siddhashram, every year in the month of Magh (January), the annual celebration of offering to the Gurus is celebrated through Annadan. Annadan is offering the sacred prasad to the divine in the human form, where thousands of people are fed. This year, because of Covid, we took a different way to conduct the Annadan without gathering thousands. This short documentary of 15 minutes is about the possibilities within the tradition - how it celebrates through all situations or times."

She explains how Indian traditions have survived for thousands of years, through the many changes the country has undergone - war, famine, flood, partition and now the Covid pandemic. The traditions enable people to work in harmony and balance with whatever conditions they have. Rather than being frustrated or impulsively reacting, traditions help us to understanding the situation and what we can best do within the limitations.