1001 Fires

a global call to action in support of arts and cultural workers

Callout to Join and Share your Creations

1001 Fires 

25 July 2020



Dear Artists and Culture Makers,

Too often we are called to compete against one another for opportunities and resources, but we can no longer afford to do so. Now, more than ever, we must stand in solidarity. The global culture sector is in crisis. Large institutions, small independent artists and everyone in between are wondering what the future will bring.

This current crisis has impacted the arts and the culture work deeply, fundamentally rewriting the parameters of our crafts and creative relations. Despite that, many of us have adapted quickly and have continued to re-imagine the world through arts and culture practices (what we call ‘fires’) that were generously shared throughout this crisis during these dark times. These have had an immeasurable effect on those watching, yet the stark reality is that these same arts and culture workers are, and will continue to be, among the worst hit. Many events and festivals have been cancelled and arts venues are in crisis with many going into administration or having to severely cut staff and activities. 

We invite you to participate in the very first 1001 Fires action on July 25th, 2020.  A fire can be any action that shows how your work as an artist or culture maker meets the world during or after the crisis. You can share your action, live or documented, by tagging it on the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.) with the hashtag #1001Fires. You can also email it to us in advance (deadline 18th of July) and we can post it for you. 

On July 25th 2020 you can follow other artists and culture makers taking action. Look for the # or look on www.1001fires.org.

This action will kick start a larger global mapping, resulting in a grassroots network of artists and culture makers from diverse areas where we can connect as peers, dialogue and shift the structures that shape our praxis as artists and as humans. 

Could you help us to spread the word to other art and culture workers in your network?
You can use one of our example texts, or tweak them as you want. 

If you have questions, ideas or concerns, we would love to hear from you and we look forward to seeing what fires you have created. 

Reach us at mail@1001fires.org

With love and solidarity and lots of sparks!

1001 Fires


1001 Fires is coordinated by:

Adriana La Selva, Linda Lyn Cunningham, Emilie Lund, Jenny Crissey, Barbara Manighetti, Marta Wryk and Marije Nie