Goodbye to Lucia Sander

In this moment, to be an artist is not enough. No matter how much immense or poetic words come to my mouth to give some comfort, the heart, who feels it all without borders or filters, devours everything without prudency, spits fire, gets revolted with sadness.

Farewell my precious and dear friend, Lucia Sander.

My life as an artist has your Midas' touch. I had complete change of direction because of you, guiding me towards refuge in feminine healing.

If today I belong to Circe’s Island, to Ophelia and to all those silenced women who won their voices and bones through your singular eye. Such was possible because of your generous and brilliant de-colonized horizon.

Your light revealed the artistic dead-sea-scrolls, giving birth to part of the best I nourished from. Many like me were nourished by you, by being a woman.

Luciana Martuchelli
Juliana Zancanaro
e Cia. Yinspiração Poéticas Contemporâneas - Solos Férteis - Brasil.

Lucia Sander, Ofelia