Women Performing Europe - The Magdalena Project Across Borders

TítuloWomen Performing Europe - The Magdalena Project Across Borders
Tipo de publicaciónReport
Year of Publication2022
AutoresCarvalho, BLuci, Varley, J, Czertok, N

Women Performing Europe - handbookThe project WOMEN PERFORMING EUROPE – THE MAGDALENA PROJECT ACROSS BORDERS, aims through creativity and culture, to create spaces of socio-cultural visibility for women. The educational programme of the project was implemented in a transnational framework proposing during the years 2020 and 2022 a cycle of activities aimed to create a broader understanding of practices, policies and systematization of female adult’s education across borders.

During this period we shared artistic our knowledge and experience and we learned to create and to identify new models of work that supports and help women to improve their positions at their workplace. Following this journey of learning and overcoming the difficulties of carrying out the project in the midst of the global pandemic of COVID 19, we have gathered texts and reflections based on the experience of participants who have been on mobility in the partner organization’s host countries.

Therefore, the aim of this handbook is to internationally support the development of new pedagogical activities and strategies for female artists to be better prepared and trained to work in the creative market.

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