Pantheatre ONLINE Interdisciplinary Training

3 FREE Master Classes
22 December 2020
Pantheatre offers 3 free online masterclasses incorporating voice and movement training for the virtual stage.
Dear Friends,
We thought the performance laboratory was the one thing that could not be done online. After an astonishing transcontinental experiment with Pantheatre Chile, we now offer an English online training that manages to blend different aspets of experimental laboratories and performances.
The work incorporates our voice and movement training with cultural studies, to re-imagine artistic gesture, this time for the virtual stage. We are excited to have an acomplished international group of collaborators to launch our new Pantheatre 2021 ONLINE Training in English.
Join us in one or all of the open free master classes to find out how we do it.
Pan and Pantheatre are fishing for passionate, quirky, risky artists or unknown genius, to join this adventiure. We imagine a great commotion, so please spread the word, by forwarding this email and sharing our Facebook post and/or Eventbrite link. 
Thank you,
Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise
co-artistic directors


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