The Laboratory Spirit and Praxis

Odin Teatret live stream
2 February 2020
Livestream (online)

Odin Teatret Web TV invites you to watch their next live event: The Laboratory Spirit and Praxis.

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 at 3:15 AM EST on odinteatretwebTV

Theatre’s Active Contribution to Social Transformation. Symposium introduced by Jane Turner and Patrick Campbell, with Eugenio Barba, Tatiana Chemi, Exe Christoffersen and all NTL artists.

More about The Laboratory Spirit - 2nd NTL Festival:

From the 29th of January to the 2nd of February 2020 the second NTL Festival will be held at Odin Teatret, with workshops, work demonstrations, work-in-progress, performances and a symposium. The NTL Festival will present the work of some of the artists and groups that make up the autonomous and connected constellation of NTL long-time residents and co-productions. The second NTL Festival is open to 25 participants who can follow the whole programme and share time and experience with the NTL artists.

The Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (NTL) artists and co-productions make up the environment of a younger generation that has grown from the seeds sown in the wind by Odin Teatret. They understand theatre not only as performances in a traditional space, but as research, pedagogy, cultural interactive incentive, networking, site specific events, involving different artistic languages, images, body, music and song as a means to create exchange and be a catalyst for contacts, relationships and collaborations within the social/cultural patchwork of the community.

The Festival is an occasion to share the NTL activities both within the NTL environment itself and with interested participants and spectators. It offers five days of intense diversity coloured by the common desire of learning from each other. The aim is to discover and discuss strategies to give inspiration and meaning to the multifaceted understanding of what theatre is for us who do it as well as for the spectators. Without forgetting the need to take position in the society we are part of.

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