Erstes Leid - Trapeztheater (First Sorrow - Trapeze Theater)

Kunstkreuz Oktober 2015
8 October 2015
Villa Kuriosum, Scheffelstraße 21, Berlin-Lichtenberg
Villa opens its October Cultural Action Festival with Jana Korb's Kafka piece

"First Sorrow"
Trapeze Theater
after a story by Franz Kafka

A trapeze artist had so arranged her life that she never came down from the trapeze by night or day. All her needs, very modest needs at that, were supplied by attendants who watched from below and sent up and hauled down again in specially constructed containers whatever she required.
This way of living caused no particular inconvenience to the public.
But one day she realized that one trapeze was not enough: “Only one bar in my hands—how can I live?!”

Aerial performance: Jana Korb
Production: Korb + Stiefel GbR

Jana Korb
With images of every day life and love of detail, Jana Korb performs very personal, lyrical or humorous stories: in the air - on the trapeze, rope and silks. Grotesque movements of daily life become dance elements, acrobatic tricks melt into a body language, exploring deep emotions - making the audience smile!
Thus Jana creates stories about the beauty of daily living, about flying dreams, or about ancient memories.
Her perfomances range from short gala acts to entire open air theater productions - all in the air...

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