artistic research about bodies and circus
19 November 2021 to 21 November 2021
LOFFT - DAS THEATER, Spinnereistraße 7/Halle 7, 04179 Leipzig

With Emma Goldman I ask: How can I be part of your revolution, when I am too sick to dance? How can I change the world, when I cannot be present?
At the moment this "I" is hypothetic, a healthy feeling "I". But this "I" - as an agent of the art of risk, an agent of circus - is always creating with the knowledge that the situation might change any time.
So, I am interested in bodies, situated between discipline and alternative ability, between circus body and injured body, between adrenalin high and pain: I am looking for the discrepancy between the disciplined, functioning body of the aerial artist - over-achieving norms of health and fitness - and the reality that there is no such thing as a "healthy" body.

Following the "Sick Woman Theory" by Johanna Hedva, who had her audience put stones in their shoes, I regard stones, pebbles and boulders as our main objects and props. We will play with them, animate them, manipulate them: in relation to our bodies, searching for contradictions and paradoxa, reversing the laws of nature and gravity. We continue until our awareness blurs, until the borders between our bodies and the stones disappear.


Once a month from February until April 2019, I invited two circus artists to join me in artistic research sessions, to work on different themes and issues. Each session was dedicated to one aspect: virtuosity, immediacy of the "trick" and the body, injury, materiality, etc.

We continue to invite artists who create in the field of contemporary circus and who work on recent issues of the international discourse of circus.
We will document the sessions, see my blog post below. The results might become part of a new artistic production.

Artists + Production Team

Idea, artistic research: Jana Korb
Artistic research: Jana Korb, Hoppe Hoppinsky, Stephanie N'Duhirahe
Artists research sessions: Carmen Küster, Flo* Strass, Benjamin Richter u.a.
Critical companion: Melmun Bajarchuu
Production: korb + stiefel GbR

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