Voix de Femmes festival

feminine creation without borders
18 October 2013 to 27 October 2013
Liège, Brussels and Ghent
Feminine creation and cultural diversity in a well-diversified and top quality programme!

The Voix de Femmes Festival, a Belgian event highlighting feminine creation without borders for more than 20 years!

This event underlines feminine innovation, strength and beauty, all disciplines and origins taken together : an eclectic approach making it a unique event in Belgium.

The 11th edition will celebrate the start of a new era for the festival, including more contemporary approaches to its selection, bringing a new and larger perspective on feminine creation to a wider public!

Here's the promo video: (note - if you're using the Firefox browser, you may not be able to see the video; click here to view it).

This year, more than ever, the organisers join their forces to promote those women voices desiring to transform society through their art. All artists have in common an atypical career, a singular work and an artistic practice that really gets off the beaten tracks.

For those who can't wait, a few previews will take place in Ghent, among which B'Net Houariyat and Lucilla Galeazzi's exploration of both italian and moroccan women traditional songs.

Buika (Spain), the « flamenco queen », will open the festival in Brussels on October 18th in Brussels.

Liege, the heart of the festival, will have the pleasure to receive, amongst many others, Rokia Traoré (Mali), Mesparrow (France), Mélissa Laveaux (Canada), Sudha Ragunathan (India), and Christine Salem (Reunion) !

Voix De Femmes #11 will also be hosting workshops (music, dance, theatre, new circus,…) intended for both professionals and amateurs, before ending on a high note with its “Hanging Sunday” (inspired by the napolitan hanging coffee concept) dedicated to the right to food.

We are waiting for you!

More information on www.voixdefemmes.org : have a look!


The Voix De Femmes #11 programme :


Concha Buika (Spain)
Rokia Traoré (Mali)
Christine Salem (Reunion)          
Mesparrow (France)
Soema Montenegro (Argentina)
Emel Mathlouthi (Tunisia)
Dakha Brakha (Ukraine)
Mirel Wagner (Ethiopia/Finland)
Sarah Carlier (Belgium)
Melissa Laveaux (Canada/Haïti)
Seni Görmem Imkansiz (Turkey)
Riff Cohen (France/Israel)
Sudha Ragunathan (India)
Sylvia Perez Cruz (Spain)
Dom La Nena (Brazil)

Cinema :

Marion Hänsel “La Tendresse” & retrospective (Belgium)
Bénédicte Liénard and Marie Jimenez “Sobre las brasas” (Belgium)
Christophe Divet “Salem Tradition” (Réunion)

Performing arts:

Sinda Guessab, Valérie Gimenez and Selin Altiparmak  “Every day I’m chapuling” (Belgium and Turkey)
Night Shop Théâtre (Belgium)
BabaFish (Belgium)
Bénédicte Mottart (Belgium)
Rehab Méhal  (France)

Fine arts:

Creative Works born of the Art & Expression workshops
Aurélie William Levaux (Belgium)
Sara Conti (Belgium)
Lara Gasparotto (Belgium)
Lilie Oma (Belgium)
Alice Lorenzi (Belgium)
Charlotte Beaudry (Belgium)

Workshops: (registrations on ateliers@voixdefemmes.org)

- Objects and marionettes theatre (by Night Shop Théâtre)
Introduction workshop. Participants will learn to create situations and handle the marionettes.
More information for the moment only in French on http://www.voixdefemmes.org/ateliers-theatre-dobjets/          

- Maloya (by Christine Salem and her musicians)
Discovery workshop. Often compared to the American blues, the Maloya has origins in the music of the slaves of the Reunion and is now one of the two major music genres of the island. It's usually sung in Creole, with a purely percussion accompaniment.
More information for the moment only in French on http://www.voixdefemmes.org/ateliers-maloya/    

- Contemporary dance (by Dominique Duszynski and Michel Debrulle, teachers at P.A.R.T.S.)
Three days workshop about rhythm and movement. Participants will learn both rhythm structures and ways to put them in motion.
More information for the moment only in French on http://www.voixdefemmes.org/ateliers-rythme-mouvement/            

- New circus (by the BabaFish company)
Movement and portés workshop. Participants will learn movements inspired by circus and contemporary dance, as well as a few acrobatic portés. Improvisation will also be taken up during the workshop.
More information for the moment only in French on http://www.voixdefemmes.org/atelier-mouvement/           

- Singing (by Soema Montenegro)

This meeting invites participants to explore and experience the interrelationships between the mechanisms of the body and voice, to recognize the physical integrity mental-emotional (the unit we are) so that the action is an expression consistent with this unit, to raise awareness their sound today, simply as a body present in the space and in time.

More information for the moment only in French on http://www.voixdefemmes.org/ateliers-canto-resonante/ 



Meeting “Que peut l’art?” (What can Art?”)

“Hanging Sunday”

More information on www.voixdefemmes.org           


Before the festival opening in Liège

The festival begins officially on 24th October in Liège. But the 22th and the 23th there are already some activities, as the casting of “Salem Tradition”

Have a look on www.voixdefemmes.org  !


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