testers' feedback

this is a TEMPORARY page on which you can leave feedback about the Australian pages. Please leave your feedback as comments & we will look & respond.


I like this new colour scheme: the grey background; the white to red down LHS; the red, black and orange titles. It feels cleaner and more thematically linked within itself.

cheers, Dawn


  1. i agree with Dawn, much nicer with gray background and the red colour scheme (looks a bit like Anna Yen http://www.playmoves.org site but i think it is OK!)
  2. Can we remove all together the light redish colour boxes all together for about us, blogs, archive, join etc....on the left navigation menu?
  3. can we have the gradient on top starting white and going darker at the bottom: so under 'who's online' the user names colours will be more contrasted and easier to read. 
  4. Can we have the red of the logo darker, same colour as the bottom of the gradient column? it is too bright now!
  5. I don't understand on main window top menu: view/edit/‘BROADCAST’ – what does BROADCAST  do? Send messages to people or really broadcast...?
  6. Can we move the ‘blogs’ on the right 3rd column, to the left column underneath the Back to Magdalena Project Main page, so the content in the main window can be wider? by the way, why twice Blogs? maybe there are events instead?
  7. I added the ‘Easter Gathering 2008 perth and brisbane’ on the 'Archives' page.
  8. i dont understand how we are able to select Brisbane group/perth group/all australia group? how does that work? above all for the emails? and events?
  9. about australina content: we need EVENTS or NEWS:  links to international  main project news / links to National news & news per State

  10. CHAT text/webcam
  11. STREAM

  12. link to FACEBOOK group http://www.facebook.com/groups/175835885807741/
  13. link to VIMEO for uploading video http://www.vimeo.com/ozmagdalena


 i am sending email with password and user name!

hi dawn & suzon,

thanks very much for looking at the site :)  (& thanks also agnez who has obviously done quite a bit of work on it since yesterday!)

i've taken the "blogs" off the right-hand side; this was just there to give you an idea of how it could be, & to give the blog headlines on the first page of the group.

i believe that "broadcast" sends a message to all the members of the group. did you send one before, with "test" in the body? i received it ... i will try sending one as well.

(the way that we have created the australia pages within the site is using a drupal module called organic groups; there is documentation here if you are interested: http://drupal.org/documentation/modules/og & an "absolute beginners guide to organic groups"; it is powerful but also quite complex, vale & i are still learning).

i received my broadcast message - please let me know if you also did, or didn't.

one strange thing is that when i sent it, it came up with a message saying that it had been sent but that 7 messages were queued. i'm not sure why it's saying this - need to look into it; but the message definitely came to me.

would you like to have separate pages for the events within the archive section? (e.g. brisbane festival, perth gathering, etc) - similar to how it is in the main site, with a submenu for these events?

if yes, then here's what you need to do:

  1. go to "contribute" in the LH menu & select "Create Page"
  2. enter the title, intro, body text & images that you want on the page
  3. if you want the page to be visible ONLY to members of the magdalena australia group, you can check this box in the "groups" section (normally you would want it to be public, but perhaps for some organisational info or meeting minutes you might want a page or post to be only for group members).
  4. save the page; initially it will show up under "latest group posts" on the australia home page.
  5. menu item: vale or i have to do this, so you will need to email us the link to the page & we can then put the menu items into the LH menu.

one thing to note about image galleries: i have given group admins permission to create image galleries, however for some reason there is currently no link for you to do this. i'll try to work it out but in the meantime if you want to create a gallery, e.g. for the brisbane festival, use this link: /en/admin/content/image/add

if you make the "parent" of the image gallery be "images from the archive" then the brisbane gallery will also show up on the main site images page.

if you create a gallery, e.g. for the brisbane festival, then you will find it in the "image galleries" dropdown menu when you create or edit a page, & if you select that gallery then it will appear as a slideshow at the bottom of the page (as it does on the main site archive page).

vale & i can also create the galleries for you & help with anything that is difficult :)

by the way, we are compiling a page of tips, "how to use this site" - i think the link is only visible on the main site navigation (maybe we should change that).

this info is aimed initially at the basic user, as there are several different roles that people can have within the site. group admins have quite a lot more privileges, which means you can do more but also it's more of a learning curve ... we might need to create a separate page with tips for group admins.

for "news", you can create a "group post":

  1. go to "contribute" in the LH menu & select "create group post"
  2. enter the info
  3. under "groups", add a tick to "public" if you want the post to be visible to the public as well as to group members
  4. save.

for "events" it is basically the same procedure except there is more detail to enter into the form, e.g. date & location. again, under the "groups" section you can choose whether or not to make it publicly visible. if you make it public, it will appear in the calendar on the main site for everyone to see. if you make it only visible for the australia group, any logged-in group members will see it in the calendar & also on the australia home page under "latest group posts".


you can create chat rooms & chats from the "contribute" page; if you create a chatroom first, we can then make a link to it from the LH navigation, called whatever you like - "chat" or "AusChat" if you want to follow the "MagChat" idea. or anything (not too long!). then within the chatroom, you can create, archive, & delete chats.

the site does not include streaming as a basic feature; i've done the streaming for the festival through a separate service & embedded the streams in the page - but it didn't work to simply put it in the body content, i had to create a block which is something more complicated. if you really want to do this then we can talk about it, but you will need to use your own streaming service. i did get the tokbox chat thing working, as suzon knows, but again it wasn't straightforward. if you want to have a play with this then let's do it after the festival, after suzon's tap launch, when we all have more time :)

you can put the links to facebook, vimeo etc into the text wherever you want them (just use the link button in the formatting bar).

i haven't tried to embed video in any of the pages yet. try it. i think you will need to change the input format (under the body text input field) from filtered HTML to full HTML.

i've made a sample archive page to show how this could work - it's for the 2003 festival & you will see the menu item when you click on "archive" (this is also linked to from the main site archive). i also made an image gallery for this festival, so now you can upload images & assign them to this gallery, to have them appear in the slideshow.

one thing to note - LH menu items can't be more than about 15 characters long; so i've called this menu item "festival 2003" for want of a better name (magdalena australia is too long). it could also be "brisbane 2003" with other events being "perth 2010" & so on. up to you what you want.

(yes - the font for the submenu is too big at the moment! i've asked agnez to fix it)