Ocupação Magdalena 2019

with the theme Tradition and Ruins ends this weekend (14-15 Dec)


The "Ocupação Magdalena" (Magdalena Occupation) 2019 with the theme Tradition and Ruins ends this weekend (14-15 Dec.)

In December we will have time / space for the artists who worked together throughout the occupation to document their work and the organizati,on and production of the Magdalena Occupation,  in photos and video.

We are happy to welcome you to the closing events of our occupation of Casa 8 with poetry and the echo of the voices of all of those who have participated.

The meetings of Ocupação Magdalena 2019 were held with great affection, resistance and poetry in September, October and November. These meetings are a cell from which we will organize together a Magdalena Festival here in Sao Paulo in 2021!

We also count on all of you for a possible Ocupação Magdalena 2020 and we encourage you to participate and accompany us because this meeting comes from the need to create a time / space in the city of São Paulo so that we can exchange ideas and proposals, so that we can strengthen ourselves, in the expression of our voices, especially in the current political context.

We wait for you!

Ocupação Magdalena 2019