Magdalena (Singapore) 2006

Magdalena (Singapore) took place from 9-15 July 2006, with the theme "Crossroads".

The intermingling of different performance practice and cultures in the twenty-first century have resulted in the increasing potential, relevance and necessity of dialogue between practitioners of different disciplines and cultures, as well as between practitioners and audience. Singapore, long viewed as a multicultural society situating itself at a geographical, social and cultural crossroads between the East and West, was an ideal and relevant location to host a festival where this phenomenon could be investigated and negotiated.

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The festival featured the following artists, workshops and performances:

* Jill Greenhalgh (Wales)
* No doctor for the Dead * Geddy Aniksdal (Norway) & Anette Röde (Norway)
* Performing Words * Gilly Adams (Wales)
* Palette of Desire * Elizabeth de Roza, Koh Leng Leng & Low Yuen Wei (Singapore)
* Masks * Deborah Hunt (Puerto Rico) & Sally Rodwell (New Zealand)
* Seven Graces * Anita Ratnam (India)
* The Path * Wu Wen Cui (Taiwan)
* Movement * Ang Gey Pin (Singapore)
* In Source Theatre (Singapore)
* Mime Unlimited (Singapore)
* Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA)
* Rita Matu Mona (Indonesia)
* Playreading * Rob Baum
* Umbral * Cristina Castrillo & Bruna Gusberti (Switzerland)
* Performing Space * Jadranka Andjelic (Serbia) & Antonella Diana (Italy/Serbia)
* the quivering * sacredCOW (Australia)
* recalling mother * Noorlinah Mohamed & Claire Wong (Singapore)
* Kecak * Luh Luwih (Bali)
* The Red Room * Kerensa Dewantoro (Australia/Indonesia)
* Photo Exhibition * Yani Mae (Indonesia)
* Chinese Opera * Joanna Wong (Singapore)
* Mak Yong * Mek Nab & Zulkifli Mohamed (Malaysia)
* Randai * Indija Mahjoeddin (Australia/Indonesia)
* Dance * Ananya Chatterjee (India/USA)
* Feldenkrais * Anna Yen (Australia)
* Martial Arts & Dance * Raka Maitra (India)

For further information, contact:
Verena Tay
Former President
Magdalena (Singapore)