Magdalena Norway, Prosgrunn 2004

The inaugural meeting of Magdalena Norway took place at the 2004 Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, 12-29 June 2004.

As well as launching Magdalena Norway, it was an opportunity for the Magdalena Norway members to meet each other and some Magdalena members from abroad. Jo Randerson (Aotearoa/NZ) performed her solo show "Banging Cymbal, Clanging Gong" and Claudia Contin (Italy) presented "Arlecchino and his Double" and gave a workshop in Commedia dell´ Arte. Deborah Hunt (NZ/Puerto Rico) and Sally Rodwell (NZ) held a mask workshop where participants created masks and costumes for stilt-walkers to wear in the opening parade of the PIT Festival. Geddy Aniksdal and Anette Röde (Norway) performed "No Doctor for the Dead", which had its world premier at the Transit Festival in January.

2004 was also the tenth anniversary of the Porsgrunn International Theatre (PIT) Festival, organised by Grenland Friteater; visit PIT for programme and other information.

Photos: on this web site (missing)