Magdalena Australia

Welcome to Magdalena Australia.

We are a diverse and dynamic coalition of women working in Australian contemporary performing arts. We strive to connect women artists, and facilitate critical discussion, support and training. Our common interest is a commitment to ensuring the visibility of women’s artistic endeavour. Find out more about our ethos.

We’d love you to be a part of Magdalena Australia.

If you’re a female Australian theatre artist you can join us. It’s simple: set up a profile page, link to your own websites/blogs or photos, join us on facebook, connect with other artists, promote your shows or events on our news page, and provoke discussion by writing a blog post.

If you don’t live in Australia or if you’re not a woman, you can still support Magdalena Australia and be involved in discussions and advocacy. Become a friend of Magdalena and you can receive newsletters, find out what’s happening and get involved in our discussion about creativity, practice and contemporary performance.

We invite you to connect, explore, discuss and play in a supportive and dynamic environment.