"A LIFE IN HER DAY" at The United Solo Festival, NYC

A solo physical comedy show
7 November 2013
Theatre Row - The Studio Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street Between 9th and 10th Avenues New York NY 10036
7:30 pm
Unconventional & outrageously funny, this show is a wonderful mix of clown, puppetry, and serious theatre.



created and performed by Hilary Chaplain, directed by Avner Eisenberg

Sort of a "Lucy Ricardo - Little Tramp hybrid."  TimeOut NY

                An original amalgam of Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin, this quirky physical comedienne exposes her most intimate moments as she chases the elusive promises of happily ever after.

         As a modern day clown Hilary confronts everyday dilemmas and creates inventive solutions, while at the same time exposing universal truths and human vulnerability. Audiences are asked to engage and participate in her wild antics and ultimately find themselves transported, moved and enriched by this extraordinary evening in the theatre.  Simple objects found on stage pull them into believing that a lampshade can become a wedding dress, that babies made out of paper towels are real, and that a lamp can be romantic.

         This show is about a woman alone who, like everyone else, dreams about being loved.  On this day, she amuses herself by creating a world out of sugary foods, paper towels and a lamp.  Her creations take on a life that often spirals out of her control because of their dual nature.  She is both the creator and is affected by her belief in her creations.  She finds an engagement ring in a box of Lucky Charms and this triggers in her our socially driven need for marriage and children.  One thing leads her to the next until she’s at the altar marrying a lamp with a paper towel veil and a dress made from a lampshade.  After a honeymoon in Hawaii, she gives birth to a baby made from a roll of paper towels.  As a rabbi, she performs a bris, then sends her husband off to work and learns how to take care of her newborn.  In the end, she is in bed and once again, alone. Her character, while challenged and threatened by the ups and downs of life, is optimistic and happy.  The character's journey is perilous, and she prevails.  She is triumphant, but the audience is some times left feeling an emptiness – perhaps their own.

Done with pathos and humor, "It's beautifully sad, and very human." Charlestown Press


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