Geschichten aus dem begrenzten Raum
9 July 2021 to 10 July 2021
Papenburg, town centre
One-on-Two Aerial Art Performance

"A TRAPEZE ARTIST—this art, practiced high in the vaulted domes of the great variety theatre’s, is admittedly one of the most difficult humanity can achieve—had so arranged her life that she never came down from her trapeze by night or day." Franz Kafka

As the Trapeze Artist is living on her trapeze, she therefore has become an expert of living in a confined space. We all first experienced a post-apocalyptic world in 2020 which ultimately started to restrict the way we move in our world and lives in general. The trapeze artist, dancing in the air and telling us her life stories is here to help us with her knowledge of confinement. She wants to give us strength, advice and ideas on how we can escape our own confinement and restrictions of our everyday lives and how to make the most of this new life and the future.

You can watch her from afar whilst she is having a conversation in English, German or Russian with two members of the audience, who climb up to her aerial stage.


Artistic Lead, Text, Performance: Jana Korb
Directed by: Anja Gessenhardt
Conceptual Support: Jillian Greenhalgh
Outward Eyes: Norbert Busschers, Hoppe Hoppinsky
Set Design: Jana Korb, Tobias Stiefel
Video: Friederike Berat
Technic, Rigging: Hoppe Hoppinsky
PR: Anne Laxy
Production: korb + stiefel GbR


Dates: 09. – 10.07.2021

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