Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing

Performance Studies international (PSi) Conference #21, 2015

Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing

A decentralized PSi conference with activities across Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and the Pacific

January 2015 to December 2015


In 2015, Performance Studies international (PSi) presents PSi #21 Fluid States: Performances of UnKnowing, a decentralized conference which – instead of inviting participants to a single location which will always be difficult for some to get to – invites them to participate live or online in local conference, symposium and performance programs across Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas and the Pacific throughout the year.


These programs and program locations include  –

·        Panama: Isthmus/Zone/Canal, Panama, Panama City, January 2015

·        Crossing Boundaries: East Africa Home/Security, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, February 2015

·        Rethinking Labour & The Creative Economy, India, New Dehli, February 2015

·        Four Faces of Omarska, Bosnia, Prijedor, March 2015

·        Deep Anatomy, Bahamas, Dean's Blue Hole Long Island, April 2015

·        Aural Lighthouses, Greece, Santorini, May 2015

·        Fluid States North, Greenland, Nuuk; Faroe Islands, Torshavn; Denmark, Copenhagen, June 2015

·        Fluid States of Europeanness, Romania, Cluj, July 2015

·        Moana Hurihanga: Sea Change, Cook Islands, Rarotonga, July 2015

·        Beyond Contamination, Japan, Tohoku, August 2015

·        Trans-Montreal, Canada, Montreal, September 2015

·        Movement forms of an Island Continent, Australia, Melbourne, October 2015

·        Sa Tagilid na Yuta: On Tilted Earth: Philippines, Manilla, November 2015

·        In-flux, In-stability, In-sensitivity, Lebanon, Beirut, December 2015


The dramaturgical device that connects the clusters of activity in PSi#21 Fluid States is an oceanic metaphor. Each local cluster is an island, which creates a vessel to send an item –image, text, artefact or performance – to dock at other islands who then engage that vessel as part of their own live and online activities.


The PSi #21 Fluid States events will be linked not only via travelling scholars, presenters and performers, but also via an online news and publications platform called the ‘Log’, after a ship’s log or diary.  This platform will enable participants to exchange images, texts, documents and other digital artefacts online from ‘island’ to ‘island’ throughout 2015. It will also deliver updates, facilitate discussion and disseminate reports, publications and documentation to PSi’s worldwide community of scholars, artists, activists and students.


Artists, scholars, activists and community members can participate in one or more of the PSi #21 Fluid States programs as a presenter, panellist or performer, or as a correspondent presenting the outcomes of an artistic/research residency at the program locations on the Log, or as a combination of both.


Anyone interested in participating can visit the Log at www.fluidstates.org, where calls for presenters, panellists, performers and correspondents are now available.


Anyone interested in joining the Log’s news list to stay up-to-date with programs, participation opportunities, publication opportunities and more can write to info@fluidstates.org.


Anyone interested in participating, but wanting to discuss the form their participation might take further before submitting their proposal, can contact the location convenors listed on the Log, or the PSi #21 Fluid States central convenors at info@fluidstates.org.