14 February 2021
16:00 EST, 22:00 Europe
The 4th AT:HOME:LIVE took place on Sunday 14 February 2021.


Speaker: Brigitte CirlaAT:HOME #4, breakout room

Activity: Deborah Hunt
Deborah asked us to bring a small object that we can hold between thumb and index finger; and our electricity bill or the last physical mail that we received.

Breakout session discussion topics:

  • Presence/watchability (facilitator: Lyn Cunningham)
  • Ideas to postpone the end of the world (facilitator: Janiaina Matter)
  • Breaking the Zoom window (facilitator: Christina Papagiannouli)
  • Use of the space/use of the frame (faciliator: Suzon Fuks)

Similar to the traditional round at the beginning of a Magdalena festival, AT:HOME:LIVE is an opportunity for Magdalenas around the world to gather and speak about what is important for each us right now - in particular, how you have managed to continue (or not) or to change your artistic practice during and after the pandemic. It is a time for sharing and exchange, for coming together despite physical distancing, cancelled events, closed borders and travel restrictions.

AT:HOME:LIVE takes place in Zoom and is open for two hours on the second Sunday of the month, with a rotating start time in order to cater to the various time zones we are in.

AT:HOME:LIVE is a precursor to BODIES:ON:LIVE, the online Magdalena festival in June 2021.


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