THE ART OF DEVISING-One week workshop in Horto, Greece

Led by Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic
24 June 2024 to 30 June 2024
Horto Festival
9-16 h
A one-week intensive workshop on devising in theatre and dance led by Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic.


24-30. June 2024


In the beautiful seaside village of Horto situated on the natural resort of the peninsula of Pelion, a one-week intensive workshop on devising in theatre and dance will led by Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic. The results of the workshop will be presented as part of the Horto Festival on the 29th of June, in the form of a theatre piece, dealing with the themes of: voices of nature, resurrection, hope searching, genetic memory and inner landscapes, that will be explored during the workshop.


The Art of Devising workshop is both for directors and actors with experience, for students, for teachers and creative drama pedagogues or anyone interested to embark with us on this journey of personal revelations and development, as this methodology of work is applicable for all ages. It is a devised theatre and dance workshop that starts from the expression of the body and voice, by defining an important and personal theme for the participants, through researching, developing and creating material that will be shaped into the performance itself, using creative dramaturgy of montage. The level of skill and knowledge is not essential, as the workshop gives space for individu- al expression, but also a space for challenging personal boundaries and restraints. This multidisci- plinary workshop will also include work on creative writing for the performance, site-specific work and also work with rhythm, music and song, to be developed in the final presentation/performance. Different exercise and training will be used for developing the organic voice and singing as well as work with the body as our instrument of expression. We will work on generating different materials thus creating a meaningful and beautiful performance starting from the participants themselves. We will explore the possibilities of the body, that does not have to be trained to be able to express itself through movement and dance. Any movement can become an action in theatre, any action can become dance. The workshop will dedicate itself to the search of the „dance of the soul “, the harmonization of the inner world and listening to the whispers of nature, in search for the clear, true and wondrous expression of each individual.

The six-hour daily workshop schedule will allow you enough time to explore and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Horto and Pelion, and the natural wonders of the area.


It is necessary to have comfortable clothes that allow movement, socks or soft shoes for indoor ac- tivities, sneakers or hiking shoes for outdoor activities, a big towel or shawl for lying down on the ground. Please bring a personal object that has a story behind it.


Sanja Krsmanović Tasić




Theatre director, choreographer, actress, drama and dance pedagogue, producer. She has been formed as an artist by masters of contemporary theatre and dance Torgeir Wethal (Odin Teatret, Denmark), Yoshi Oida (Peter Brook, Japan/ France), Gennady Bogdanov (Meyerhold`s Biomehanics, Russia), Rena Mirecka and Zigmunt Molik (Grotowski, Poland), Carolyn Carson (USA) , Steven Iannacone (USA), Shiro Daimond (France/Japan), Smiljana Mandukić (Serbia), Mira Sanjina (Serbia) and many others. As an acclaimed international expert in the realm of drama/theatre education, devised theatre and dance, Sanja is the author of an original methodology called “ecology of the soul”, based on developing creative potentials of each individual through an artistic process. Together with her theatre group and individually, she tours performances and conducts workshops around the globe, also giving lectures and keynotes. A core member, actress and choreographer of the first Serbian theatre laboratory DAH Teatar for more than

two decades, and the Program Director of Dah Theatre Research Centre (now DAH Theatre Centre for Culture and Social Change) she was one of the leaders of the International School for Actors and Directors in Belgrade, for more than ten years. She is one of the founders and artistic director of Hleb teatar, and the umbrella association for performing arts Artistic Utopia as well as founder and director of the Children and Youth Theatre Festival Mater Terra and a dance Festival Days of Smiljana Mandukić, dedicated to one of the pioneers of contemorary dance in Yugoslavia. She is the initiator and author of various artistic and education projects, and is developing new forms in theatre, such as an “essay in movement”, and documentary dance performance. President of Centre for Drama in Education and Art-CEDEUM, and the president of the International Association of Drama/ Theatre and Education-IDEA.



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Tutition and welcome dinner: 200 euros


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Participants will provide food for themselves in the numerous Greek taverns with affordable prices, or can cook in the apartments. Horto and Milina (3 km away) have a number of food shops and bakeries.


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