Alfaiataria - Opening an Art Space in Curitiba, Brazil

Today, November 2nd, 2019, we celebrate the opening of a new space. I want to tell you that it is a space of art, physical and symbolic and that it is located in southern Brazil, in Curitiba, Paraná.

Today is the day of the dead, and here we are together celebrating a birth. We open nearing the end of this year, in what seems to be the end of time. It must be something of an artist, one can think, to work in opposition, be "against", a certain instinct to strengthen the muscles and breath, to continue living in the wave of mud, oil and fire that plague us. But I would like to say, that I really think that we artists are working for ... art, sensitivity, critical thinking, passion, enthusiasm for life, meeting, love.

Yes, we are passionate beings, we breathe pains and pleasures of the world, we feel everything. We open spaces. What does it take to open a space?

I don't know if you know, but here we have a building with original walls from over 100 years old. There is already history here, of lined fabrics, heavy boots, sewing machines, military articles, frowning faces ... I don't think it's up to us to erase it, but I do think it's up to us to resignify it. We put plants in the boots, did you notice? With all due respect to the memory of this space and the ancestors who built it, it seems that today it is urgent to work through affection. It really seems urgent to speak of and with love, education, comprehension. Affection is not sold, we all know, it must be built. What a long way this is! To build affection it is required space - symbolic and physical - and time. Space where we can work on subjectivity of subjects, collaboration and the power of encounters. To be together.

Of course, like me, you also know that for a space to exist it needs people, ideas, and actions to make the earth spin. I'm glad you're here today, physically or symbolically. I hope I can count on you on this journey that starts now and we don't know where it will go. Let’s take a good dose of courage to move forward and hold hands. I don't let go.

As for Alfaiataria, from now on, art is made here. It breathes art. Art and knowledge are produced. Affection is shared, is found. We find each other. Here is eye to eye. History in real time. A yard downtown. Flowers planted on boots. This is a space for artists, LGBT's, Brazil and the world and who wants to be together. Here love is admitted all the time in any form. We are straight friendly.

And today being the day of the dead, I thank all the ancestors who are here today, I ask your axé and protection on the way. A toast to the spaces, physical and symbolic!


Janaina Matter