Afternoon Tea in Brisbane

Afternoon Tea in Fairfield, Brisbane!

I recently attended the Magdalena@25 Festival in Cardiff Wales. Many people have asked about the experience and so I have decided to host an afternoon tea on Sunday, October 9, from 3pm - 5pm at my place. I plan to share stories, answer questions, and also just catch up with you in a relaxed and informal way. Please feel free to pass this on to any other women theatre-makers you think would like to come along, hear about the festival and connect with other women practitioners here in Brisbane.

If you are planning to come, and if you need the address, drop me a line at

I look forward to seeing you then, 

Dawn Albinger


Absolutely Katt! And by the way, would you like to skype in for 15-30 minutes to our afternoon tea? Be great for some of the women here to meet you and hear about your festival experience!
The great thing about creating an event - even a morning or afternoon tea - is that you are creating an opportunity for women theatre-makers to connect. And out of that, energy may arise for something else - a conversation, collaboration, a forum, or workshop, performance, weekend event, a 10 day festival.....(let me know when you're ready to do that - I'd love to help!!)
I've been thinking more about legacy in the Australian context and it is really important to me that individual women feel empowered to make things happen, that have the aims of the project at their heart, and to call them 'Magdalena' events. At present there is no organised centre to the project in Australia - it really is a network. So anyone can organise a Magdalena event of any size. Of course I would strongly advise anyone planning an event to attend a Magdalena event first - especially if planning a festival. So the more events there are to attend - even afternoon teas and lunches - the better! Just remember to keep theatre at the heart of whatever you do.
How did the rest of your trip go? Have you downloaded your photos? I would love a copy of that picture of that pile of dirt with the orange flower. I am still thinking about that project. Daughter. Hmmm.
Sending love - Dawn

Hi Dawn!

At this point I can say a tentative YES to skyping in on October 9th (although I might have to move out of my flat, because the owners are selling, so will have to confirm once I know when that has to happen). 

I spoke to Teresa a little bit about the trip and she said that she would like to help set up an informal gathering for me to download and talk about the festival a bit. I's on my list to get to for early next week so I will let you (and everyone else!) know when it will be. And it is really a great way to get some more conversation happening. I've already starting plotting something in my head so be great to see if there is support for it. Not sure when I'll be ready to speak it though! Might have to wait a bit before it gets let out.

I haven't been able to get the photos off my phone yet, but I'll text them to you! (then you should be able to download them off your phone).