Dramaturgy of a Meeting

It was carefully gestated. We will give birth. 

I don't have children, but desires and privileged combinations that allow me to find ways to fulfill them. Lucky me, I'm not going to give birth alone!

From the beginning we discarded the word festival, we really wanted a Meeting. 

As artists, the way we found to think about everything was to create a dramaturgy, that is, to raise questions: how does it start? Who is coming? How do you get around budget issues? Where? How? How long? And mainly: Why? For what? For whom?

For a few days we will be together again to share and think and eat and be on stage and, above all, to act with what we have in front of us. Keeping the spark alive, the little things that keep us going. We've had a lot of room for existential thoughts/crises over the last couple of years, and I've been thinking a lot about what makes sense. Does a women's meeting make sense? What is woman? Who is woman? Which women should be there? Which ones can be there? These urgent issues put us in a place of constant learning; we have a lot to change in the way we see the world. 

Thinking about such a condensed program with so many criteria was a huge challenge that I shared with Greice Barros, Naná Sodré, Stela Fischer and Luana Navarro. Obviously we can't handle everything, so we proposed a meeting that starts from who we are and open up to the diversity that will come. We planted the seed that will be able to develop in this and in new editions, with the idea of ​​not dodging urgent issues, and possibly failing in one or another aspect. I think this is what dramaturgy is about: putting something into the world and letting the exchange happen, opening up the weaknesses, the powers, and continue to refine, transform.

The International Meeting of Women on Stage – Reverb Edition is born in 2022, and I am very grateful to life for this opportunity.

Janaina Matter

Alfaiataria Marie 2022