Piezas Conectadas, Spain 2007

An encuentro/festival of the Magdalena Project, "Piezas conectadas", was held in Barcelona, Spain from 17th to the 25th of March 2007. The venue was the historical building of the Women´s Cultural Center CCD Francesca Bonnemaison.

This Festival surges from the large International Network of Independent Women Artists, The Magdalena Project, through the connections that have been made throughout an intense decade of Encounters of Iberoamerican Women of the Scenic Arts during the Iberoamerican Theatre Festival of Cadiz.

Piezas Conectadas synthesises a vigorous landscape of unique creations that interlock because of their outlines. A puzzle of aesthetics that adapt their limits to the need of combining personal points of view of the world, and provoke living emotions and thought, creating a secret dialogue of full and empty, of artists and audience, of performances in other performances.

The Festival joins the hundred events that have nourished the Magdalena Project in 50 different countries around the world for the past 20 years. Opening places that give women’s international creations visibility and projection. It will be attended by many of its founders, Jill Greenhalgh and Julia Varley amongst them. It has as very distinguished host: l´Associació de Creadores Escéniques Projecte Vaca and will enjoy the generous cession of Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, as well as spreading throughout other spaces of Barcelona city, so significant in the international cultural panorama.

The programme combines theater performances, dance/theatre, laboratories, practice exchange workshops, videoinstallations and theoretical debates, gathering individual artists and well-known companies along with young artists from the Magdalena network. Performances of the Magdalena founders that we can consider “our classics” and our genealogy, not seen in Spain yet, altern with others of following members of younger generations, and well known artist from our close iberoamerican theatre women artist relationship.

We have the pleasure to announce you some world première:
A production within Magdalena members “Ar Lan A Mor” of Mariana González Roberts with Doslunas Teatro from Sevilla, Spain directed by Dijana Milosevic, Dah Teatar, Belgrado, Serbia.

A special performance "Transformación XY“ conceived for the vernissage of the Festival Madalena by our friends of the Associaó Projecte Vaca here in Barcelona.
A music-performance by the german artist Rilo Chmielorz “al pie de la letra” in Hommage to the founder of the first women´s Library in Europ Francesca Bonnemaison, that is part of the space where we have the Festival locus.

Jill Greenhalgh performance in the third Laboratory version The Acts III

We call our Magdalena colleagues to come and live with us this artistic intensity that comes from personal and social changes, which in many cases stir in the active political outskirts or because of the change of the female roles in various societies and cultures. And we lively appreciate the support of the institutions that co-organise and collaborate with Güima in carrying out this project, carefully elaborated and yearned.

Margarita Borja
Festival director

Photos: on this web site